About Us

Introducing Policy Effects – news analysis without the noise, partisanship, or bias. We don’t break stories, report on daily events or take sides. Rather, we analyze recent events and help to connect the dots of complex issues for our readers. To do this, we bring in experts from a variety of fields and from a variety of backgrounds – leaders from think tanks, academia, business and other organizations breakdown recent events and make sense of it all for our readers. We aim to make our articles – and the news – understandable to you whether you’re a busy working professional that just wants to stay up to date with the world or you’re involved with these issues as part of your career.

Our content will feature a wide range of topics, including domestic US policy, global affairs, business, economics, and history. With each article we will strive to provide our readers with a holistic understanding of what is actually happening, and do so in a way that is enjoyable, informative, and impartial.

We hope to complement our reader’s existing news consumption. Whether that comes from major newspapers, social media, or some other medium, our goal is to deliver you with a higher level of understanding so that you can better make sense of the breaking news you read. More importantly, we will strive to be issues-based and intellectually honest. All too often, in publications both large and small, there is an inherent bias. Our policy is to be strictly non-partisan and impartial, to report facts and incorporate multiple perspectives into our analysis, and to focus on policy and what actually effects our daily lives rather than noise from Washington.

Since its inception, Policy Effects has and will continue to give 10% of all earnings to what we deem as noble causes. Our current initiative is to combat the veterans suicide epidemic in our country. Each day, on average, 22 military veterans take their own life. While we cannot solve this tragedy alone, we intend to act. For your reference, some of our partner charities are listed below.

Policy Effects is published by WCI Group, LLC, a company founded on the principles of providing Wise, Credible, and Impartial media.